1. Belfast Punter
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Belfast Punter
Words & Music by Ray Collins

i am a belfast punter ray collins is my name
i've travelled throughout this world in search of fame and gain
been down and out in london in paris and in rome
but come the day i've always found a way to get myself back home

i terrorized my teachers y'know i broke their hearts and minds
forgot to do my homework and never turned up on time
but it wasnae me blew up the science labs though i disrupted all their plans
and i made them squirm at every turn cause i passed all my exams

i've drunk cheap wine and scrumpy with my crazy mad-dog friends
been comatose and nearly froze and brought back to life again
long week-ends got longer start and finish were the same
conspicuous consumption became the name of the game

we jived away our youth y'know 'til the dance halls met their doom
romamos and the plaza the maritime and boom-boom rooms
bought cheap guitars in Smithfield long since burned down and gone
then had to hock them in the pawnshops for no more than a song

i'll raise a glass to belfast sure a great wee northern town
to hell with the begrudgers and all those other useless clowns
so here's a toast to belfast its warmth its pride its joy
here's to all the punters men 'n' women girls 'n' boys

where are you now my friends
through all the laughter tears and the pain
most are dead all are gone
will we ever meet again?
will we ever
meet again??

Copyright 1993 Colin Glen Music