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Radical Rebel Girl
Words & Music by Ray Collins

don't you know it was love at first sight
when he saw her standing there with her little armalite
christian dior combat jacket and her velvet black beret
her foster grant sunglasses she just stole his heart away

where would he be the sensitive rebel boy
if it wasn't for the support of his strong willed pride and joy
where would he be when his mind's all in a whirl
if it wasn't for the love of his radical rebel girl

as she marches up the falls road in her long golden braids
she's the finest looking colleen in the easter parade
as she leads the colour party with the flags flying high
there's no one else can match her she's the apple of his eye

no use looking in the kitchen you'd be wasting your time
she's out there organizing on the picket line
a source of inspiration and a sister through and through
she don't want second best only first class will do

Copyright 1992 Colin Glen Music