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  1. Restin' My Bones
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Restin' My Bones
Words & Music by Ray Collins

many miles i've travelled across many seas i've roamed
one of these days i might even find myself a home
shamey's gone and left me best dog i ever had
my sleeping bag it caught fire y'know things got really bad


but it's alright i ain't drunk/high/wired don't you worry
i'm just lying here i'm in no hurry
just lyin' here in the dust all on my own
well y'know i'm just restin' my bones

buses trains and backroads chart the rover's way
to pit stops and dives any where there's a place to play
rows as big as fights spillin' over into brawls
Broken strings and busted amps left in dingy empty halls


you sure get a wider audience on new york city streets
those frantic metro rhythms and that crazy urban beat
my kinda city open dust 'til dawn
anything goes if you just care to try it on
oh lovely..


people rush past me toss me a dime
down in the subway buskin' that's how i spend my time
millions of faces day after day
all of us dreamin' of doing it our way


Copyright 1992 Colin Glen Music

© Ray Collins