1. A Rebel Son
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A Rebel Son
by Ray Collins

Born in 1915 in Shammer in Mayo
the year before James Connolly fought at the GPO
the Flames of Freedom kindled then shone throughout the land
and lit the mind of a strong young man whp wpu;d take a Rebel stand.

George Harrison was a Rebel Son of Freedom all his days
at the early age of fifteen years he joined the IRA
in the East Mayo battalion in Ireland's Freedom fight
a cause that he kept faith with the rest of his life.

From the famine-shadowed Mayo soil he was forced to sail away
across the broad Atlantic to the USA
from the right-wing repression of the new Free State
he renewed the struggle once again on Brooklyn's migrant streets

The Reagan-Thatcher evil axis put George and his friends in jail
but he would not stand for their perfidious plan so it was doomed to fail
the Brooklyn Five at their Federal trial firmly stood their ground
and won a stunning victory against Reagan and the Crown.

George never met a revolution that he did not like
no cause too small he would meet the call to join in the fight
for justice for the working-class, the poor, and the oppressed
and all those times on those picket lines, he never seemed to rest.

George Harrison you were a Rebel Son from the county of Mayo
a true successor to the men who fought at the GPO
whether running guns or raising funds you ne'r gave up the fight
George Harrisom you were a Rebel Son of Freedom all your life.

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