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Banks of Marble
Words & Music by Les Rice

Those Banks are made of Marble
There's a guard on every door
And the vaults are filled with silver
That the workers sweated for

I've travelled 'round this country
from shore to shining shore
I've never ceased to wonder at
the things I've seen, the things I've heard

I've seen the lonely housewife
buying groceries at the door
and I've heard the grocer tell her
"This is going to cost you more"

I've seen the casual docker
stand idly by the shore
I've heard the bossman tell him
"There's no work here anymore"

I've seen the weary miner
scrub coldest from his back
I've heard the miner's children
cry for coal to heat their shack

I've seen the weary farmer
ploughing sod 'n' loam
I've heard the auction hammer
knocking down his home

I've seen my sisters toiling
two jobs every day
low wages in the factory
and at home she gets no pay

Let us rise and take our own
take what's owing take our land
It's time we got together
and united make a stand

And smash those Banks of Marble
remove the guards from every door
And share out those vaults of silver
that the workers sweated for