1. the fff song
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the fff song
Words and Music by Ray Collins

Stand Down! Stand Down!!
Stand Down!!! Stand Down!!!!

Fianna Fáil Fianna Fail
Banks get bailed and the workers get nailed
Fianna Fáil Fianna Fail
Banks get bailed and the people get nailed

'Soldiers of Destiny' destitute in infamy
Gang Green gombeen seoinins
Liars cheats thieves obscene
Wrap the Green Flag 'round 'em bhoys
Pull it tight crush their toys
So much for a 'Nation Once Again'
You've sold us out in your Capitalist Game


Orange White 'n' Green no more
Euro bailiffs are at the door
"Take it Down form the Mast"
Turn yourselves in your time is past
Beggin' Bowl and Cap in Hand
To the IMF and our Ancient Foe
Piling poverty on all our woes


You know it's not just Fianna Fail
But all those other amadans in the Dail
Wasteful Wankers Bloated Bankers
Greedy Global Glutons all
Eurocrat exploiters control our Nation
Time to fight back against their exploitation
Time for a new Citizen Army
Time for a new Citizen Army.
Come Workers Rise Again!!