1. Michael Devine
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Words & Music by Jackie Fitzpatrick

The workers stood in silence
at the thought of a man who died
We heard the news that morning
and downed tools for the site
We marched in silent anger
We made a class protest
as the tenth Hunger striker
in Long Kesh
met his death

Weeks before we heard your letter
read out at the factory gates
telling of the H Block horror
Britain's cruel regime of hate
We knew you were a Freedom Fighter
you would not be criminalized
Michael Devine from Derry City
for Freedom you sacrificed

On the thoughts of your last hours
as you slipped into death's cold hands
Were you thinking of your loved ones
of friends throughout Ireland
were you dreaming of your childhood
laughing as you played
with those other Bogside children
in those far off distant days

Did you hear the words of Connolly
as he spoke at the GPO
Did you see the Citizen Army
as they marched out to face the foe
Did you see the Starry Plough flying
high above the Imperial Hotel
Did you hear the British guns roaring
blasting Connolly's headquarters to Hell

Or was your vision of the future
in the ranks of the working-class
Scarlet banners flying
as the serried ranks marched past
When Irish men and women
in their thousands shall answer the call
taking power from our oppressors
to the sound of the 'Internationale'

You were a gallant soldier
you fought them to the last
Irish workers tell your story
from Limerick to Belfast
Thinking on your struggle
it's hard not to cry
Michael Devine from Derry City
in our hearts you'll never die
Michael Devine our Derry Hero
in our hearts
you'll never die

Copyright: Jackie Fitzpatrick: 1981